Dear Zontians,

Our thoughts are with our members in Beirut in the aftermath of last Tuesday’s devastating explosion. I reached out to Ramza El Hout, president of the Zonta Club of Beirut, last week upon hearing the news. She confirmed that all Zonta members in Beirut are thankfully safe; however, the damage to homes and businesses is immense.

The news and photos from Beirut leave us concerned for the well-being of our fellow Zontians and for all people affected, especially women and girls. Naturally, many of you want to know how Zonta can help. While the situation is painful and the needs are great, Zonta International is not a relief agency. Therefore, we are not set up to issue a call for financial support or manage the collection or disbursement of funds, nor unfortunately do any funds exist to be used for emergencies like this one. Please refer to the Zonta International Emergency and Disaster Funds Policy for more information.

As individuals, however, you may choose to directly support the Zonta Club of Beirut’s efforts. They have already mobilized in support of the Higher Community for Rescue. If you wish to help, we encourage you to send donations to the Zonta Club of Beirut or through established agencies to ensure that the assistance is used properly.

We will continue to keep all Zontians in Lebanon and their families, friends and neighbors in our thoughts. If you have any questions, please email

Warmest regards,
Sharon Langenbeck
Zonta International President

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