UN Committee webinar on ”Role of Women: My Story, My Voice.’ held on 31st Oct, 2020, 9pm -11pm , Bangladesh time was organised by UN Committee Chairman Dr.Rubina Husain, UN Com. Co-Chairman Soni Joshi,Nepal, UN Com.Co-Chairman Jeewa Rajan ,Srilanka, Siddha Desai Un Rep,Bombay 1 President from District 25 comprising of 4 countries, Bangladesh, India, Nepal & Srilanka, , with 60 participants from District 25 Officials/Committee Chairman, Club Presidents, District 25 Governor Errick Elavia, Zonta International,ZI Foundation Director & District 25 Liason Fernanda Gallo Freschi, Zonta International UN Committee Chairman Pamela Morgan were guest of honor at the event.

It was a webinar to connect all zontians in conversation on their life progression, How Zonta left a mark in their lives. & how on basis of their learning they have contributed to their community through service & advocacy to empower women & girls. It was knowledge sharing on each Zontian’s background & recognition of all their work & their own empowerment to assist in empowering others on education, gender equality, skills & decent work, peace & justice & linking national & International as leaders of their community through a professional women platform as Zonta International, District 25, with 500+ members, in South Asia. UN Committee Chairman Pamela Morgan emphasized on calling for Solidarity of the Women of the World & elimination of all violence against women, child rights,. giving all UN related dates to observe & celebrate ,specially having observed the 75th UN anniversary. Zonta International District 25 Liason Fernanda Gallo Freshchi spoke on Zonta International engaging in advocacy on climate change, gender equality, health , education, involving Z & Golden Z ,& other district awards to assist young women aspiration & growth & what Zonta expects from each members & what kind of experience each of us holds being a Zontian.

Lastly, this event showed that District 25, breaking with amazing empowerment having Errick Elavia , first male Governor making history in District 25, guiding us under his leadership spoke on ”HeforShe” campaign giving importance to equal opportunity,re-imagining a better world inspired by the global diversity & strength of women & girls sharing their voices for equal future & sharing their story with us at the UN WEBMINAR


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