As we experience uncertainty in these unprecedented times, kindness unites us as a global community. Everyone has the power to make a positive difference in the lives of others by giving to those in need. Through the collective efforts of Zonta’s members, we can make a measurable impact in the lives of women and girls across the world.

Typically, donations collected at the Zonta International Convention build a solid foundation toward meeting our fundraising goals. Unfortunately, we lost this opportunity because the 2020 Convention was canceled due to COVID-19. The Every Member Every November District Challenge was created to build up this base while also allowing for some friendly inter-district competition.

If you are a member in District 25, or a friend, family member or colleague of a District 25 member, please make a personal gift through this page in support of Zonta’s international service projects. With each gift, we have the opportunity to be promoted within the Zonta community.

What will your gift do?

US$50 could provide antenatal care kits to four pregnant adolescent girls in Niger, promoting better health, including preventing anemia and low birth weight of newborns, frequent health threats for girls who are married at a young age and their children.

US$100 could enable three girls in Madagascar to benefit from a comprehensive three-month life skills course, which will equip them with the strategies to reduce violence, protect themselves and improve social cohesion.

US$250 could provide three adolescent girls in Peru with access to quality, comprehensive and gender-sensitive adolescent health care, with an emphasis on mental health and violence prevention, and who will attend schools that can address all types of violence.

Challenge Prizes

Top Districts

· The top district that raises the most will receive a full-page profile in an upcoming issue of The Zontian.

· The second- and third- place districts will be featured in the newsletter.

Mini Challenges
Additional opportunities to elevate your district’s team.

· Challenge 1: 1-8 November – 1st eight districts that get 101 donations
Prize: Featured on the “My Zonta” page

· Challenge 2: 10-20 November – District that has the most  members make their first-ever personal donation to the Foundation during the challenge period
Prize: Will receive special social media mention

· Final Bonus Challenge: 1 December (Giving Tuesday) – District that raises the most on this day
Prize: Special video message from International President Sharon Langenbeck will be sent to the governor and foundation ambassador to be shared with the district and posted on Zonta’s YouTube

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