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Each 16 Days Awarness in social media.
During the 16 Days of Activism, 25 November-10 December, Zonta club of Dhaka-IV & their members have taken various initiative to create awareness campaign on ”Zonta days NO to violence against women”. The club composed a song on Gender based Violence Against Women.This song spreads the messages to support & join movement of ending all kinds of violence, including rape, child marriage, human trafficking, equal rights, equal pay, equal distribution, positive attitude &respect to women.esent law of violence against women. This song focused on women empowerment by giving education & training to women by Zonta Club of Dhaka-IV. Also to take local & national actions to influence the making and implementation of laws, as well as changing gender-based attitudes and behaviors to end violence against women, to further motivate the society to take a stand. The song is playing on Facebook, messenger & a local radio station from 25 the November to 10th December.

Here’s the composed song for Zonta’s campaign on ‘ZONTA Says NO to Violence Against Women’.

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