Zonta Club Bombay I & Zonta Club Bombay III
Jointly with Save the Children India
On 1st December 2020

On 1st December 2020, Zonta Clubs Bombay I & III had an Activism on DOMESTIC VIOLENCE conducted by Ms Reshma Naykodi for young and married women of slums communities of Mumbai & Pune. At this interactive session the girls, boldly sharing their experiences, spoke about different types of domestic violence a woman is subjected to: *woman has to cook & do house work *she cannot step out *She cannot go for work *her talking to anyone is doubted & even she is followed with suspicion *as a girl she cannot even go out for education and her movements are criticized *she is subjected to physical, emotional, mental violence from in-laws and even her own family *Widow’s life is made miserable *she is made responsible if daughters are born or if no child, *Harassment is there from Step parents / Step children *She is forced to submit to husband’s demands for sex *she has to keep quite even if husband beats her after drinking & gambling *In FIR she has to cover up beating with her own fall, accident etc.

Ms Jyoti Gaikwad explained with PPt – Domestic Violence, Reasons for Domestic Violence and Indian Civil Law of 2005 which gives Civil Rights to women. Neighbours to ‘Ring the Bell’ to stop violence was advised.

Zonta District 25 Governor Errick Elavia urged girls to be self-reliant with education & income and to speak out as silence encourages violence. Goodness and gentle explanations of women will change the thinking of family. Other Zontians also encouraged girls/women and appreciated their bold participation.

Domestic Violence is not just in Rural Areas or Urban Slums. It is prevalent in Educated Urban High Society also. ‘Enough is Enough’ and violence to women has to be stopped.

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